After fifty years of building custom commercial casework you develop a certain reputation and style. At DH Schmidt we relish the challenge of designing something beautiful, built with integrity, and ready for installation. The AWI provides substantial industry guidance to achieve that.

Architectural Woodwork Institute Member

The Architectural Woodwork Institute, founded in 1954, aims to standardize woodworking construction, finishing, and installation as well as lead industry-specific education and networking opportunities. DH Schmidt has been a proud member of the organization since 1978! St. Louis itself has been home to a couple of the Institute’s Presidents over the years.

AWI Quality Certification Program Member

In 2015, DH Schmidt became an AWI QCP Licensed member. The Quality Certification Program serves to verify a manufactures quality through inspection and certification and is endorsed by both the American Subcontractors Association (ASA) and the Construction Specification Institute (CSI). DH Schmidt has earned a self-labeling status with the AWI QCP and stands by the quality and methods set forth through the Architectural Woodworking Standards.