Our products are our children. It sounds cliché but it’s true. We don’t need to convince you that craftsmen take incredible pride in their work, but we do love walking up to a custom reception desk we manufactured and evaluate how it’s holding up. We want to see how the person behind the desk likes it, and what we can do to perfect a project next time. We want to figure out how to make the best product possible, for all parties involved.

Spaces don’t come in uniform, cookie-cutter dimensions and forms. Each project is unique, and each industry has its own needs. DH Schmidt Co. cultivates opportunities across many industries, geographies, and applications.

We work with you to ensure the design intent is achieved, while adjusting to the on-site needs of the project. We want to provide both the quality and the flexibility you need during installation.

Custom Casework for a Hospital

Healthcare Projects

We partner with Contractors who have extensive experience building in the medical industry. Our casework has found homes with Cardiologists, Neurologists, Oncologists, Pediatricians, Plastic Surgeons, and in General Hospitals, Cancer Centers, Research Centers, and Therapy Centers. We offer custom solutions for remodeled spaces, ground up buildings, specialty devices, and storage options.

Office Projects

Many companies offer furniture for businesses; however they are often modular in scope and limited to a few select colors. DH Schmidt is capable of providing completely custom casework, in whatever laminate or finish color best matches your space and budget. We’ve provided office furniture for entire multimillion-dollar facilities as well as simple, remodeled, budget offices.

Custom Office Cubicles
Custom Reception Desk for a Bank

Banking Projects

DH Schmidt Co. got its start manufacturing modular teller stations for major bank installers. The industry has changed drastically since then and the casework is no exception. We still build modular stations, but the design and applications have evolved into a more open, freestanding fixture that is highly custom, and often exotic. New bank interiors are no longer an eye sore, and DH Schmidt Co. enjoys contributing to the challenging modern styles.

Retail Projects

The department store fixture with the perfectly stacked blue jeans that held your exact size …  the sleek countertops that display the latest skincare products … both have been custom-designed by DH Schmidt. We’ve even manufactured the glass display box at the corner jewelry store to show off diamonds for extraordinary occasions. No matter what you offer the public, we can make your product shine with a casework solution that perfectly suits your business.

Custom Retail Display Case
Custom Woodwork at a Retro Diner

Restaurant Projects

From bar tops to hostess stands to booths- DH Schmidt can create custom casework for your restaurant that will wow your customers and create a dining experience they won’t forget. We can handle any application your restaurant may need no matter what your role in the restaurant industry is from popular chain restaurants to unique establishments.