At DH Schmidt, We provide value.

Our team at DH Schmidt is a homebrew group of people grounded in the community with expertise in the industry. Our aim is to give the best value to our customers, which we provide through sturdy, well-designed products and friendly communication. We want your point of contact with us to remain your point of contact with us throughout the length of your project and beyond.

  • Richard Schmidt
    Richard Schmidt President & CEO

    Rick stepped in as President after Dave retired. He has been with the company his entire life and President/CEO for over 20 years. Rick is a member of the St. Peters Kiwanis Club and enjoys working on projects with his 4 kids, but is relieved to never have to build and store another high school parade float in the garage.

  • Doug Hindersmann
    Doug Hindersmann Regional Sales Director, Estimator

    Doug has over 25 years of sales experience in the woodworking business and has a strong dedication to his work. He is always a bright conversationalist and a positive spirit.

  • Derrick Schmidt
    Derrick Schmidt Project Manager, Estimator

    This former Eagle Scout graduated from Southeast Missouri State University in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. He’s “officially” been with DH Schmidt for just a short time, but having grown up in the business, he’s already making his mark. Described as “a little OCD,” Derrick is the kind of fellow who will make his bed every morning, even on vacation.

  • Devinne Gardner
    Devinne Gardner Lead Drafts-person

    Devinne is the Drafting Guru. She has defined many of the General Manufacturing Practices for the business and is a passionate source of accuracy for everything she is a part of.

  • Ryan Schmidt
    Ryan Schmidt Project Manager, General Manager

    Ryan is the creative one in the family. He began studying architecture at KU before switching to Missouri S & T in Rolla, where he received a degree in engineering and management. When he’s not striving to be a better employee here at DH Schmidt, he enjoys reading a new book, or learning a new skill.

  • Wes Wood
    Wes Wood Production Manager

    Wes has valuable experience in Project Management & Fabrication and has a superb understanding of the business as a whole. An avid outdoorsmen, you might hear some random duck calls around the shop, but rest assured, it’s just him “Wessing” with you.

  • Frank Grotjohn
    Frank Grotjohn Project Manager, Machine Programmer

    Frank is the cool, collected kind of guy who doesn’t hesitate to crack wise. With a solid background in fabrication and machining he knows what can be done, what can be value engineered, and which questions to ask. Frank is also a ringer for trivia.

David Schmidt, our founder, was also an active member of the St. Peters Kiwanis group. Richard Schmidt is currently an active member of the St. Peters Kiwanis.