A solution built out of necessity

In the era of COVID-19, businesses are struggling to provide essential services while protecting their employees and their customers. Social distancing is important, but can be difficult for transacting business like checking out in a store or signing documents. Even receiving packages must be handled with utmost care to ensure that every party stays healthy. With all of these concerns, however, there are countless businesses that need to continue working; creating a conundrum. How can the average company build in protections without hampering business?

This was the question that DH Schmidt had to answer for ourselves. As an essential manufacturing company, we provide office equipment for hospitals and doctors offices across the country. We take this responsibility very seriously, but as a family owned company we also have a responsibility to our staff and our clients. Out of necessity we took to the factory and began building solutions. We were able to very quickly put together a solution that would protect anyone who came into the office with a custom built, acrylic sneeze guard.

Crafted from sturdy wood, solid surface materials, and high quality acrylic, these sneeze guards can be customized to fit any space or shape. We can craft free standing options or built in pieces to create a protective barrier for your employees and your customers alike. The acrylic is thick, durable, and easy to clean and sterilize. As you can see from our office, it can also be built on curved surfaces or to cover straight spaces. From receptionists desks to customer service counters, let DH Schmidt outfit your business with an added layer of safety from the coronavirus.

As companies reopen and get back to business these acrylic sneeze guards will be particularly helpful, ensuring that your staff can work safely yet productively. Creating your custom options could not be simpler. With a photo, and measurements of the space our sales team can help to craft an easy to install solution for any space. We are happy to hop on the phone to discuss any questions or concerns you might have and we can even schedule a video call or FaceTime if you would like us to “see” the space. We proudly manufacture in the heart of the U.S. so all of our products can be built quickly and shipped direct to your door. Learn how DH Schmidt can help you adapt your space to be both healthy and productive. Call us now, or fill out our form for more information.

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