Since 1966

Custom Commercial Cabinets, Countertops, and Fixtures

The Highest Quality for Over 50 Years

DH Schmidt Co. is a family-operated business founded by David Henry Schmidt in 1966. What began as a decisive move into the growing commercial casework industry in St. Louis, Missouri has developed into a manufacturing business with a proven track record of delivering quality commercial cabinetry, casework, countertops, and fixtures. A lot of experience has built up over the course of 50 years, and DH Schmidt Co. uses that experience to discover working solutions and provide beautiful, lasting casework for our customers.


The Architectural Woodworking Institute is a national collective focused on connecting woodworkers, vendors, and customers while maintaining quality standards for designers and woodworkers to reference. DH Schmidt Co. is proud to be a member of their Quality Certification Program.

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Spaces don’t come in uniform, cookie cutter dimensions and forms. Each project is unique, and each industry has its own needs. DH Schmidt Co. cultivates opportunities across many industries, geographies, and applications.

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