Themed Environment Design For Retail, Restaurants, and Office Spaces

In competitive industries, companies are always looking for ways to stand out among the competition. On the flip side, users are looking for new and exciting experiences every time they go out. Thematic environmental designs from DH Schmidt are a great way to turn your business into a showpiece that will have customers raving.

Our goal is not only to enchant and delight your customers, but also create sturdy, well built pieces that will stand the wear and tear of everyday use. From a bowling themed restaurant space to an interactive, steampunk art feature, DH Schmidt can turn almost any design into a stylish and functional conversation piece for your space.

Create A Fantastic And Immersive Experience For Your Customers

With the rise of social media, more and more customers are looking for unique spaces that are photo worthy. They want to share these cool spaces with all of their friends and followers. Is your space Instagram worthy? With the help of DH Schmidt, perhaps it could be. 

In the past several years, we have had a number of companies reach out to us to help them build spaces that will WOW their customers. These spaces do more than just excite their current users. Through the power of social media, these spaces are shared across the globe; bringing awareness to the brand and boosting traffic. From a vintage camper in the lobby of a chic hotel to a bit of Americana in far away New Zealand; DH Schmidt has helped to create thematic environmental designs in a myriad of styles.

The Team At DH Schmidt Has The Experience And Skill To Create Amazing Spaces

For over 4 decades we have built quality pieces for our customers, for jobs big and small. For our more thematic designs, we have experience with a range of designs, including: 

If you want to make your retail space, restaurant, or office space the talk of the town give the team at DH Schmidt a call today. We are happy to walk you through the process and talk about the custom solutions we can build for your space.

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