At DH Schmidt, we know that every project is unique. Whether you’re building from the ground up or redesigning an existing space, our project managers will work with you to design a casework solution that will meet your business’ needs. 

We’ve worked with commercial clients in a wide range of industries. When you contact us, you can expect professionalism every step of the way:

Design Documents 

Once you contact DH Schmidt, our team, including a project manager or estimator, will ask you questions to get an idea of the scope of the project. We can work with you directly or partner with an architect or contractor to ensure that we have a complete understanding of your site’s unique needs. As our team learns more about what you envision for your company, we will offer guidance on materials and design, and then give you a comprehensive estimate on lead time and cost. Please note that lead time is directly related to the size and scope of each project.

Project Outline & Quote

Our team will present you with a project outline and a bid. We consider design intent, logistics, and materials. We then suggest custom solutions in whichever surface finish best meets your space and budget. Upon receiving a purchase order, our drafters will get to work on every detail of your project, laying out specifics on color, building materials, and on-site requirements. Our drawings are drafted without the aid of automated software to ensure no detail is overlooked. 

Final Approval

Once we complete our comprehensive plan of attack, we will meet with you for final review and approval before our logistics coordinator, engineers, and custom fabricators get started. At this stage, we use drawings to show exactly what we intend to build and help refine the details of the original quoted plan. We then hand the job over to our experienced craftsmen to bring your vision to life.   

Build & Assembly

As we complete the fabrication and assembly of your project, we make sure to communicate with you regularly, keeping your point of contact the same throughout the length of the project and beyond. Our goal is to engineer your custom solution with both quality control and quick installation in mind, to reduce downtime and keep disruption to a minimum. At DH Schmidt, we believe in candor and quality workmanship. We measure twice and cut once to ensure that everything is done right the first time.

Our Story

David Schmidt Building the Original Shop

David Henry Schmidt worked in carpentry his entire life, from a model shop at McDonnell Douglas to cabinet shops at home in St. Charles.  He loved what he did. However, it didn’t take long for him to realize that there was a growing need for commercial cabinetry and fixtures.  With a true entrepreneurial spirit, he took the leap, purchased several acres of pasture in St. Charles, and literally built his own custom cabinetry business to cater to the commercial market.

With his family’s support and the help of his first full time employee, Paul Bolte, still with the company today, David grew the business. He expanded his shop several times and eventually built his family’s home there. Then in 1978 the company created a milestone when a new facility at 101 Boone Hills Drive in St. Peters was erected. There wasn’t even a paved road to the facility yet, but the area developed quickly and before long there were several additions to this new building.

David and Richard Schmidt at David's Retirement

David’s company wasn’t his only pride however; he also nurtured an extraordinary family that supported him. His family grew up cleaning sawdust out of their ears and they loved Dave for everything that he did. In 1992 David retired and left his youngest son Richard as President of the company. He was so enthralled with the business that the day after his retirement, Rick, who fully expected Dave to show up to work still, had to call Dave to find out where he was. Dave comically replied, “I’m retired!” yet he still showed up the next day nonetheless. David never let his family or the company out of his sight, and often came in to help out and work on various projects.

Sadly, David was diagnosed with cancer and passed away before the new millennium came. However, his memory, legacy, and love continue on through his family and the business he created.

We don’t have a catchy, high-tech designer name, and there’s a good reason for that. In 1966, David Henry Schmidt began a custom cabinetry business and thought the most honest name he could give his new company was his own name. After all, he put a piece of himself in every job he delivered. So that’s what he named his company, and it stuck.

David H. Schmidt Company Inc. has continued to grow through the years with new machinery, processes, facilities and devotion. Today, the company boasts a 35,000 sq. ft. facility with several CNC Routers and a whole list of custom machinery to create whatever challenging designs we can get our hands on.