Custom Display for a Shoe Store

At DH Schmidt, we know every business has different display needs. For retail businesses especially, a well-designed display can mean the difference between high sales or an empty shop. We’ve worked extensively with retail customers, and we can anticipate your needs and offer solutions that help you attract customers.


Custom Retail Fixtures For Grocery Stores

Grocery store fixtures go through multiple changes in one quarter. Adjusting for different holidays, harvest offerings, and flash sales, grocers have to be able to change up displays sometimes overnight.  

With the experience of working with both local to larger, chain grocery retail stores we understand that POS stations, counter space, and custom shelving needs to be reflective of your brand, but also dynamic to keep up with seasonality. Some of our past work for Aldi and Save-A-Lot speak to this seamless branding and build quality.  


Pristine Showroom Fixtures for Jewelry & Furniture Retail

Jewelry and furniture stores have a unique challenge in selling high ticket items. Especially in the modern day of more advanced and helpful online shopping, physical retail spaces need to make a strong first impression upon walking through the door.

Retail space for jewelers focuses on maximizing display space within the store footprint. This becomes a puzzle of shifting different designs for the highest display yield. With many of these stores in outdoor malls, lighting plays a key role, as well as insect and moisture resistance.  

Display cases for jewelry stores are an area of expertise for the team at DH Schmidt. Our impressive portfolio spans the United States all the way to the Hawaiian Islands. 

Similarly, furniture stores must utilize their space and floorplan to give customers the sense that their products will fit just as perfectly in their home as they present on the showroom floor. When those spaces don’t present well, the customer would much rather shop online, where many retailers can now offer virtual showrooms, even placing the new furniture directly into their living room via AI technology.

Making a first impression in these retail spaces is crucial for success. Our expertise in the field allows us to craft truly custom retail solutions quickly and assuredly.


Fixtures For Pop-Up Retail Shops

More popular today is “fast-retail” and pop-up shops for brands looking to expand either from a purely online space or dipping their toes in the retail water.

This model saves on real-estate, installation, labor, and speed-to-market, as the fixtures are impermanent. However, they share the same immersion challenge that traditional retail does, and may even have a bigger hurdle to overcome with a limited space to make that impression. Very cool wording!

Utilizing the most of a smaller space can be a tricky endeavor. DH Schmidt has the experience of creating lasting impressions with custom fixtures for pop-up retail. 

Fixtures for pop-up shops may be impermanent in nature, but they are often repurposed for further residencies. As is the nature of pop-up retail, many of these retailers move around, either locally, regionally, or even nationally. Creating a seamless brand experience no matter where the shop pops up is key for success. We can build toward aesthetic quality, durability, transporting, or just good old fashioned value engineering.


A Wide Variety of Materials, Applications for Retail Fixtures

DH Schmidt can provide custom-built cabinetry at any scale. We have experience with a wide variety of materials, including metal, composites, acrylics, solid surface, and even fabric, so that we can put together whatever your product might need to shine.

We have experience with the following applications, and more:

  • Bagging Counters
  • POS Counters and Cabinets
  • Blue Jean Display tables
  • Writing desks
  • ADA integrated surfaces
  • Kiosks
  • Logo displays

DH Schmidt will work with you to make sure your  casework changes with and can even outlast your product. With over 50 years of experience, we can custom-design a solution for your retail business.


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