Custom Commercial Cabinets

DH Schmidt takes the passion of crafting commercial cabinets and couples it with the challenges of maintaining design intent, ease of installation, and product quality. The greatest achievement is in manufacturing a product that accomplishes all three.

Our Custom Cabinets Provide Functional and Attractive Storage Space for Your Business

Cabinets are an integral part of many commercial environments. A happy marriage of form and function, they help set the tone of commercial settings with their design, material, and coloring, while facilitating a necessary utility of the business – storage.

Custom Casework at an Office
Custom Casework at a Medical Facility

At DH Schmidt, we believe that ingredients make the product. Use poor ingredients, and you end up with a poor product. This is particularly important when your business’ reputation is at stake. First impressions matter. And we want to make the custom commercial cabinetry and casework in your business shine. Our experts consider the quality of every material we use:

  • Edging
  • Board composition
  • Hardware
  • Laminate grades
  • Finishes
  • Fasteners

At DH Schmidt, we ensure that our product will last, captures the design intent, maintains its utility, and looks great. It is an active process to sort out mismatched ingredients to achieve the most valuable commercial cabinets, and DH Schmidt does it with every Commercial Project.

It is with the same conscious effort that we offer our standardized commercial cabinet construction.

We begin with the industry standard 32 millimeter European style framework and offer a wide library of laminate colors and finishes to choose from. Adhering to DH Schmidt standards can help reduce costs while maintaining our standard of quality or better.

DH Schmidt Custom Commercial Cabinets are built with integrity, engineered with installation in mind, and finished to blend with the design intent of the environment. We want our product to help all parties involved look their best. Let us help you create the look you want and the function you need in your commercial cabinets.

Custom Casework for an Office

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