Bar Installation at a Sports Restaurant

Sports Bar Woodworking

Bar Installation at a Sports Restaurant

One of our most creative projects was working with one of our clients on a bar installation for a bowling alley and restaurant. Walking into the space gave us a feel for just how much opportunity and creative leeway we would have, within the designer’s vision; the venue incorporated several sports themes, including car racing, bowling, baseball, and more. Our clients were working with bar owners to renovate the bar area and requested a product that was just as fun, vibrant, and sports-oriented as the rest of the space.

The Challenges 

While we loved the sports-related theme, we faced a challenge with the shapes and sizes of some of the equipment we wanted to integrate.

  • We were mixing casework with sports memorabilia that needed to be showcased, but also protected. We first had to source the sports equipment and find the right pieces. Then, we needed to integrate these sometimes bulky and unwieldy pieces into our color and design scheme to make the final product visually attractive.
  • Color was also a challenge. The project designer chose colors that looked good in theory but needed to be considered with the lighting of the space.
  • Choosing the right materials was vital in this project, because all of them had to blend together perfectly. Lighting, wood, laminate, paint, fabric: all of it had to mesh to get the desired effect.
  • Sizing the bar was also a challenge because the laminate we chose had to match up with all the other pieces of the puzzle.

The Solution

 One of the things that helped us visualize the project was working with the designer in thinking about it from the customer’s point of view. We made some slight changes as needed to both get the final product just right and come in on-schedule and on-budget.

Solution 1: We created a custom design to include all the unique sports memorabilia we had sourced. We used local resources and got creative to make this a place sports fans would love to visit.

Solution 2: As we met each challenge, our years of experience came in handy. Our team had to both understand how the materials would work within the space and how light would affect the project. We relied on our expertise as we communicated with the owners, sometimes shooting down unworkable ideas and suggesting others, to ensure that the project was finished to everyone’s satisfaction.  

Solution 3: Testing our work was key for this particular project. As we considered different materials and paints, we tested them to make sure they were compatible. This weeded out some options, but ultimately gave us solutions that would really wow visitors.

Solution 4: We love using local resources and finding creative options to go above and beyond for our clients. While it was difficult to incorporate odd shapes and sizes, we took our time because we know how visually stunning the final product could be. From a hanging Nascar track to bowling pins, this project made interesting use of all kinds of materials. It was extremely rewarding to see it all come together.  

The Final Product

 This project was memorable not only because the theme was so fun to work with, but also because we got to bring all of our skills to the table and create a unique product our client – and his customers – would love.

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