Shifting To Accommodate Companies In Crisis Mode


Shifting To Accommodate Companies In Crisis Mode

COVID-19 has been a game changer for many businesses, as companies race to determine the best ways to protect their customers and their employees. Many companies, offering essential services to the public, needed to shift quickly to adhere to social distancing measures in a tangible way.

DH Schmidt’s team shifted our product to answer the call. Many of our current customers requested custom solutions on the fly to ensure rapid deployment of safety precautions.

The Project: Shifting To Accommodate Companies In Crisis Mode

The Challenges

Of course, such a quick shift was not without its challenges.

  1. Our first challenge was how to get the specs needed from the clients, quickly but also safely, while complying with current social distancing measures.
  2. In many cases the space we were tackling was completely unique and required a custom solution.
  3. The final, and perhaps most important challenge was to ensure that our designs offered protection for all parties involved. It also had to be easy to install and easy to sanitize.

The Solution

Our expertise and buying power give us the flexibility to create solutions in all kinds of spaces.

Solution 1: Our capacity to build sneeze guards was borne out of necessity. The first “customer” (or should we say test subject) was the DH Schmidt team itself as we built a solid, yet temporary protective barrier for our receptionist’s desk. The goal was to offer protection, without damaging the structure. As an essential business, providing manufacturing and supplies to the healthcare industry, as well as banks and schools, we needed to report to work on a regular basis to ensure that our customers’ needs were taken care of. As a family owned business, we also feel a great responsibility to the health and well being of our team.

As is the DH Schmidt way, when we were faced with an interesting problem our first instinct was to build a solution. Now our team could continue to provide an excellent level of service, without fear of exposure.

Solution 2: Once we fashioned this first solution, we were quick to realize that the need for additional sneeze guards would be paramount to the health and well being of our clients as well. Situated in the heartland of America, we are perfectly positioned to build and ship sneeze guards across the country in a matter of days. We just had to let our clients know. Many had already reached out to the DH Schmidt team, looking for options for their offices and retail spaces.

Luckily, utilizing a myriad of technologies from FaceTime to photos–and from time to time a good, old fashioned phone call–we were able to work with our clients to get the needed dimensions and design needs to craft custom solutions for a number of spaces.

Solution 3Ultimately, we were also able to determine that, in some cases, standard sized options were also a good idea. These simple structures can attach easily to a reception desk or checkout counter, without the need for customization. With all of this understanding in mind and a production facility rearing to go, we got to work.

The Final Product

Unlike many of our other case studies, this project is ongoing. The need for sneeze guards for reception areas, convenience stores, banks, and other facilities mean that DH Schmidt is here to help provide smart, attractive and durable solutions for your company. For projects big and small, we are here to help our clients and neighbors get back to work without putting their customers or employees at risk. We understand that this is an unprecedented time, one that calls for everyone to come together and build some solutions. Fortunately, we are pretty good at building.

If your company is in need of a sneeze guard or any custom solution at this time, give us a call today. We can help get you outfitted quickly and get your team back to work.

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