Terry Time

Some of us at DH Schmidt already believe our Foreman, Terry Henry, to be an undiscovered Olympic Speed Walking Champion. Wherever he goes, he goes with purpose, and probably has his local tennis shoe store listed as "pit stop" in his address book.

Recently Terry Revealed his shoes aren't actually his quickest mode of transportation. His 1974 Chevrolet Nova Super Sport is, and it sure is stylish!

Ride alongs are not for the faint of heart.

We Have Upgraded Our Phone Extensions!

DH Schmidt has recently upgraded its phone system and as a result our extensions have been modified. Please add a "1" in front of any of our personnel's previous extensions to be sent to their phone line.

Our list of extensions are as follows:

Rick - 124
Amy - 125
Paul - 127
Terry - 133
Doug - 134
Wes - 126
Ryan - 121
Devinne - 123
Dana - 130

Operator - 0

The DH Schmidt Company phone number has remained the same: 636-441-1555 

Paul in Print!

Paul Bolte NHM Photo

Paul Bolte, our Purchasing and Logistics Manager, appeared in a brief article in the September issue of National Hardwood Magazine under their “Who’s Who in Hardwood Purchasing” section. Paul joined David just several years shy of the company’s founding date and has been a key player here ever since. We are all very appreciative of Paul’s efforts and glad company!

Thank You Paul!

To view the National Hardwood Magazine September 2015 Issue please click Here and follow the publisher's link on their webpage. Paul's article can be found on page 51!

DH Schmidt Is Now QCP Licensed!!

First a BIG shout out to Doug Hindersmann, Devinne Gardner, Corey Dreher, Wes Wood and all the other key players for their hard work in making this achievement possible! 

Earlier in the week we were inspected on behalf of the AWI Quality Certification Program. After cramming our heads with literature and working toward this for the better part of Spring and Summer we have received news that we have been accredited!

The Quality Certification Program is a growing trend among the woodworking and interior design industry. The Program ensures products are manufactured to the desired specifications and standards set forth by the Architectural Woodworking Institute. Being part of the QCP better equips us to handle any of our customers’ future and future customer’s needs. DH Schmidt Co has been a member of the AWI since 1978 and is proud to reach this new level of Certification!

Go Team!!

About AWI
About QCP

Cinco De Mayo Feast!

We all pitched in and brought the fixings for a proper Cinco De Mayo Lunch!

How Not to Build a Perfect Mistake

Blindly following product spec sheets to the letter without thinking about specific applications may allow you to execute a prescribed design to perfection, but when that piece gets to the job site and doesn't work in the real-world, it means you've just built a perfect mistake.

Quality control is great, but our preemptive quality control is even better, because it uses systematic feedback with the real-world environment. DH Schmidt Co. wants to make sure that our products, no matter how faithfully constructed, do not become somebody else's headache on the job site. Thant's why we keep asking the right questions; that's why we keep checking the specs. We understand that product quality means nothing without quality service.

Contact us to discuss your next project, even when it's in the pre-bid stage. We might be able to help you identify a potential problem before it becomes a real one.